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Nuckols Gun Works is happy to provide you the service of transferring firearms.  We hope that before you buy online that you would give us the opportunity to find the firearm that fits your needs, wants or dreams.  We are known for our ability to acquire the hard-to-find or collectable that is difficult for some dealers to locate.

If you do buy from an online or distant source we provide the service to transfer it legally to you via the following options…

Local to Local In-store Transfers
An in-store transfer is a two-step process.  A local to local transfer is when a local person is selling a firearm to another and both parties want to ensure the transaction is conducted legally. This protects both parties involved.

To do this type of transfer, both parties must come into Nuckols Gun Works. The seller/owner will bring the gun in to be transferred and their identification. We will receive the gun from them and log it into our books.

The buyer/receiver can come in at the same time as the seller or can come later. The buyer will fill out the federal and state firearm purchase forms and present the proper current identification. We will process the background check and, upon successful completion, transfer the firearm to the new owner.

Please note, once a firearm is logged into our system it can only be removed by being transferred back out. If for some reason the new owner cannot pick the firearm up then the original owner will have to do a transfer to get it back, and this transfer would be subject to all Federal and Virginia State laws.

A long-distance transfer is when a seller is too far away to bring the item in person. This is common when someone purchases a gun through an auction service, from a distant gun store, online source or receives a firearm from an out of state party.

The shipping dealer/individual MUST enclose a copy of their FFL or state identification along with an invoice or packing slip indicating the purchaser’s name, phone number and firearm details, including the serial number of the firearm being shipped to us.

Non-Virginia Resident Transfer Requirements
Nuckols Gun Works may transfer rifles and shotguns to non-Virginia residents if Nuckols Gun Works is able to comply with the laws of Virginia and the state of residence of the customer.

If the customer contacts Nuckols Gun Works in advance as required, we can assist the customer as to whether Nuckols Gun Works is able to handle the transfer.

Like Virginia Resident Transfer procedures above, the customer must bring with them the following documentation to transfer a rifle, or shotgun, in addition to completing 2 required forms provided by Nuckols Gun Works:

Driver’s license from the customer’s state of residence that is at least 30 days old.  A state issued identification card is also acceptable.  The name and address on the driver’s license must be current; and

Another document with the same name and address as your driver’s license or identification card.  Examples are:

current lease
evidence of currently paid personal property tax or real estate tax
current utility or telephone bill
current voter registration card
current bank check or bank statement
current automobile registration
current Virginia hunting or fishing license
permit to carry a concealed handgun

Virginia Law only permits Nuckols Gun Works to transfer rifles and shotguns to non-Virginia residents. Nuckols Gun Works cannot transfer handguns, receivers, frames, or shotguns without shoulder stocks to non-Virginia residents. In addition, some states require certain types of rifles and shotguns to be transferred to a resident of that state only by a dealer in that state. The customer should be aware of the requirements of their state of residence before contacting Nuckols Gun Works.

Procedures for Outgoing Transfers
Nuckols Gun Works charges a $60 Transfer Fee (plus any extra or unforeseen shipping costs) for all outgoing shipments. To process the outgoing transfer Nuckols Gun Works will need:

A copy of the receiving dealer’s Federal Firearms License (FFL)
Contact information for the Recipient.
A copy of your driver’s license.

Nuckols Gun Works will only ship firearms to the holder of a Federal Firearms License (FFL). The FFL can be emailed to or faxed to 540-886-3614. The email or fax should reference the customer, the buyer, and the make and model of the firearm. Nuckols Gun Works will not accept a firearm for shipment if Nuckols Gun Works does not have the FFL for the dealer to where the firearm is being shipped.

Nuckols Gun Works is required to verify the make, model, caliber, and serial number of the firearm by physically inspecting the firearm, the firearm should be accessible to personnel of Nuckols Gun Works for inspection.

Nuckols Gun Works is not responsible for shipping damages.

Once a firearm is shipped, Nuckols Gun Works has no way to recall the shipment. If the firearm is turned over to Nuckols Gun Works for an outgoing shipment and the customer later requests that the firearm not be shipped, a background check and transfer fee will apply to return the firearm to the customer.

Picking Up Your Transfer
The transfer must be picked up by the person to whom it is addressed. You cannot have a spouse, family member, or friend pick it up for you. Do not order firearms for other people. All transfers must be picked up within 15 days of arrival. Any transfer picked up after 15 days of arrival will be subject to an additional storage fee of $15.00. Firearms picked up more than 90 days after arrival will incur an additional fee of $50.00. Firearms not picked up after one year will be considered abandoned and sold. Exceptions to this policy may only be granted by the management. Exceptions will generally only be granted to Military personnel who are currently serving overseas, and must be granted before ordering the firearm and having it sent to us. For persons conducting NFA transfers there will be an additional charge of $75 if you do not come in and do the NFA paperwork within 60 days of us receiving the NFA item.

Identification Requirements
When picking up your firearm, you will need a valid Virginia Driver’s License or ID card, with your current address. We do not perform transfers to residents of other states, with exception to active duty military members who otherwise meet residency requirements.

Military Customers
Members of the armed forces who do not have a Virginia Driver’s License but are stationed in Virginia may pick up transfers so long as the following conditions are met. You must have a Military ID card and a copy of your PCS Orders that assign you to a duty station in the State of Virginia. Military persons who live in Virginia but are stationed in Maryland or Washington, DC cannot receive transfers under current Virginia law unless they also have a current Virginia Driver’s License.

Other Issues
If you are unsure of our policy, or have any questions, please give us a call, and ask to speak with a manager. We would much rather ensure you have the correct info, than to have you drive here and discover that you cannot pick up your firearm.

Nuckols Gun Works is a preferred dealer to many other dealers across the country so they have our FFL information on file.

Most dealers perform transfers in a professional manner, others not so much. We get numerous transfers in every month with no indication as to who they are for because of this we do not call or contact to inform that any transfers have arrived.  Fees for items not picked up will not be waived because you didn’t know it was here.  Please have sender provide you with a tracking number so you can follow the shipment and be informed as to when it arrives at Nuckols Gun Works.

Firearms must be logged in before they can be picked up. Some days we get only 1 or 2, some days we get a considerable amount more. Package tracking may show you your firearm has been delivered, but that does not mean it is ready to be picked up. Give us a at least 2 hours to get it logged in. Just because the tracking number says it is here does not mean it will be available immediately.  If you arrive 5 minutes after delivery you could be waiting a while.  Firearms delivered on weekends will generally not be ready for pick-up until Monday.

Returning Transfers
If for some reason your transfer cannot be picked up and must be returned Nuckols Gun Works will still charge the transfer fee plus return shipping. Any fees incurred from excessive storage will also be applied.

Failing a Background Check; Return of the Firearm
If the customer fails the background check, the customer is still responsible to pay the transfer fee. It is also the customer’s responsibility to promptly arrange the return of the firearm to the seller or make other arrangements to dispose of the firearm. All costs to return the firearm or otherwise dispose of the firearm shall be the responsibility of the customer.


Used - $25

New - $40

NFA - $75


Nuckols Gun Works FFL Download